Seen-zoned Hurts More Than Rejection on Facebook

To all my friends on Facebook,

I know it can be very annoying when someone messages you about a product or service they are offering, but please have the decency (or maybe guts) to respond.

Reject if you must, but do not ignore. Block if you must, but do not stay silent.

Trust me, I have had my share of countless messages from strangers, messages ranging from a cheap instant-whitening-pimple-erasing-weight-loss pill to expensive luxurious condominiums I know I would never afford. Maybe not until later.

You see, with the advent of technology, it’s so much easier to use FB and other social media platforms to reach out to potential customers. I know, I know, while some of us use this medium sensibly, many others simply abuse it.

Imagine receiving 10 photos of something followed by a description that seems like an essay, right?

That’s not a good way to introduce a product or service, and I have received many of that as well. At times, I ignore, but I usually end up saying no thanks to them directly. Sometimes, I simply unfriend or block after letting them know I do not need their services at this time.

But many of us, though, still are courteous enough to engage you in a discussion about your needs. Sales people usually refer to this as “needs analysis.” And if you feel that after a short discussion you don’t need whatever is being offered, politely reject. It is at this time you can choose to block or unfriend.

But if you feel this person was very sensible and could potentially be an “ally” in the future, keep them as friends. Who knows, they may have something useful to offer in the future. And who knows, it may be you will be offering them something as well.

I bet you have a friend or family member who is also into sales. Trust me, they also have to prospect and try to find customers all the time. It’s tiring and can be “toxic,” especially with numerous rejections and quotas on a daily basis. If not a friend or family member, then the company you work for has to sell something, and that’s where we get our salary, right?

We live in a world where people have become so cold to each other, and it’s so much easier to just ignore or seen-zone someone, but trust me, it’s a much better world out there when we turn that seen-zone into a direct “no.” If you have a minute, engage and discuss. But if you feel you have no time at all, just say no, not at this time.

Better yet, say no, and UNFRIEND.  Or even BLOCK.

When you do this, you end up with three benefits:

1. You clean up your friends’ list and get fewer spammy messages.
2. You helped a “salesperson” move on more quickly.
3. You became more warm and professional.

And don’t worry, we won’t take offense if you say NO directly or even UNFRIEND OR BLOCK. Well, maybe a few will, but the true professionals simply move on.

And to all the “salespersons” out there, let’s be better when sending messages. Engage more sensibly. Be more courteous. Be a better listener.